RDA Seeking Chief Executive Officer

RDA Seeking Chief Executive Officer

Regional Dance America
Position Title: Chief Executive Officer
Term of Employment: At Will
Start Date: January 2018
Classification: Exempt
Salary: $36,000-$42,000 annually


RDA is seeking to fill the position of CEO. Regional Dance America is a 501(c)3, member- based organization governed by a Board of Directors representing pre-professional dance companies in five regions across the United States is seeking to employ a Chief Executive Officer as of January 2018.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for leading RDA in a direction that supports and guides the organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors. A primary focus is raising the profile of RDA in the eyes of pre-professional and professional dance companies along with universities and colleges offering dance programs.


Responsible for the day-to- day operations of Regional Dance America, this 30-hour per week position requires implementation of the strategic direction set forth by the Board of Directors. Duties include administration of the basic business affairs, pursuit of the acquirement of new funds, providing program planning and other functions as specified. This position reports to the Regional Dance America Board of Directors.


Interested parties should contact: secretary@regionaldanceamerica.org for the complete job description and application requirements.


Requirements:  Knowledge of non-profit management particularly in an arts organization. Background in project management, contracts, working with volunteers, development and marketing. Excellent Communication Skills, both verbal and written. Computer proficiency in a wide range of applications and knowledge of current trends.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities


Organizational visibility
 Responsible for the enhancement of Regional Dance America’s image by being active
and visible in the dance and arts community nationally and by working closely with other
professional, civic, and private organizations.
 Establishes connections with professional companies, universities and colleges to
enhance audition and scholarship opportunities for dancers, connections for artistic
directors and general education for these entities regarding the work of RDA.
 Establish and maintain relationships with other organizations throughout the country and
utilize those relationships to strategically enhance RDA’s mission. For example, Dance
USA, National Arts and Humanities Youth Awards, high profiled sponsorship that goes
beyond the dance industry, and public funding and private donors
 In conjunction with the President, act as a spokesperson for the organization

Works with the Task Force of the Board of Directors to:
 Identify potential donors and sponsors for RDA.  Develops and implements process for
giving and sponsorship.  Ensure adequate stewardship of donors and sponsors.
 Identify grant opportunities for the organization.  Writes grants or oversees interns,
volunteers or hired grant writing staff to ensure accuracy of materials submitted. Ensures
grant funds received are utilized as stated in the grant request.
 Implements other fundraising opportunities a developed by the Board of Directors.
Operational Planning and Management
 Responsible for leading RDA in a direction that supports and guides the organization’s
mission as defined by the Board of Directors and updated strategic plan
 In conjunction with members of the board and various committees of the board,
implements goals and objectives of the strategic plan.
 Act as an advisor to the Board on all organizational activities.
 Fosters team-work between the board and staff
 Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and
accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to
make informed decisions
 Works with staff and independent contractors hired by the Board of Directors in the
areas of Marketing, Graphic Design, Event Planners and others as needed
 As directed by the Board, implements plans for events such the National Choreography
Intensive (NCI) and National Festival. This may include utilization of other staff,
volunteers or interns.
 Administer the efficient and effective day-to- day operations of the organization, apprising
the board president of any issues needing input or decisions from the board.
 Ensure that files are kept regarding members, donors, and volunteers.  Ensure that the
board has access to these files and that confidentiality is maintained as appropriate.
 Maintain the organization's archives to include programs, dvds and news articles. Submit
items to the RDA National Archives at the New York Public Library for the Performing
 Identify risks and notify the board of directors of those risks, particularly regarding
finances, music rights, images. Implement measures to control risks.
 Ensure that the Board carries appropriate insurance and understands the term,
conditions and limitations of coverage.

Financial Planning
 Works closely with the Treasurer to prepare a comprehensive annual budget
 Ensures that proper approvals for expenditures are in place
 Works with the Treasurer to implement and oversee sound bookkeeping and accounting
processes are followed.
 Review contracts and ensures signature of the Board President. Signs contracts when

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