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3,000 Pre-Professional Dancers
90 Pre-Professional Companies

Each year, the regional members of RDA meet at a festival.  The dancers participate in master classes, auditions for scholarships and three evenings of performances.  The directors are given opportunities to connect, network and gain perspective.

Recruiters from professional companies, colleges and universities are welcome and encouraged to attend.  They may observe the dancers in class and performance, meet with the directors, participate in college roundtable discussions, hand out information on their various programs and take advantage of the various auditions held at each festival to award contracts and scholarships, early admissions and letters of encouragement to apply.

2018 Regional Festivals!

Regional Dance America/Southwest 
March 14-17, 2018
Hosted by Collin County Ballet Theatre
Plano, TX
Adjudicator:  Paula Weber
Regional Dance America/MidStates
May 24-26, 2018
Hosted by RDA/MidStates
Madison, WI
Adjudicator: Kim Sagami
Southeast Regional Ballet Association 
May 3-5, 2018
Hosted by Alabama Dance Theatre and Southeast Alabama Dance Company
Montgomery, AL
Adjudicator: Jeffrey Gribler
Regional Dance America/Pacific
April 10-13, 2018
Hosted by RDA/Pacific
Spokane, WA
Adjudicator: James Sutton
Regional Dance America/Northeast
May 24-26, 2018
Hosted by Southern New Hampshire Youth Ballet
Manchester, NH
Adjudicator: Lisa Slagle

About the Regional Festivals

Art does not flourish in isolation. It grows in an atmosphere of candor and sharing. By attending festivals RDA member companies gain a wider perspective about their current level and their potential for progress.


The festivals are essentially performing events each hosted by an individual company or region which draws upon the resources of the local community. Each spring the process begins when nationally recognized adjudicators tour the regions to select works by participating companies and arrange festival programs. Each company receives a written report about its own offerings as well as those of the other members. For those in isolated communities where there is no informed dance press, the adjudication reports are especially valuable.


The culmination of the season is the festival where the dancers perform and take classes while the directors and board members share ideas and network. Tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded at each festival to dancers for study at prestigious summer programs. Additionally, major professional companies, colleges and universities scout for their future talent.


A National Festival is held every four or five years, bringing together all member companies for five days of classes and performances. National Festivals serve to further the national identity of RDA and its member companies. They also help to bring an even greater perspective, inspiring the growth and development of the dancers, choreographers, directors, companies and the national organization as a whole.

Sponsorship, Advertising & Vending

Regional Dance America will be holding five regional festivals in 2018.

We want you to be a part of them!

Being a part of Regional Dance America’s festivals will give your business:

  • ACCESS to nearly three thousand highly trained, extremely dedicated pre-professional dancers
  • EXPOSURE to a select group of renowned dance educators
  • VISIBILITY to thousands more dance enthusiasts
  • INCLUSION in a national marketing and advertising campaign

How You Can Participate 

There are many ways for your business to participate. We offer:

  • advertising opportunities
  • brochure and product placement
  • vendor/display space
  • numerous sponsorship opportunities at all levels

We invite you to explore the many options you have for participation in these high-profile dance events!

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