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A limitless world of promise for our artists.

RDA Festivals inspire artistic and personal growth, creativity, and excellence!

RDA member companies gather in their regions annually for three-day-long Festivals, each hosted by a member company or jointly hosted by the region. Over 1500 dancers from 60 regional companies, 300 parents, 100 artistic directors and staff members, and nearly 100 faculty members and musicians attend the annual Festivals.

The Making of a Regional Festival

The exciting process begins with the annual RDA Adjudication Tour. In the early spring, highly esteemed Adjudicators tour the RDA Regions to watch each member company take class and present choreography. The Adjudicator provides constructive feedback to member companies to elevate their accomplishments and selects works to be presented at the Regional Festival. The season culminates at the Regional Festival, where participants attend master classes, seminars, and college roundtables during the day, as well as perform each evening. The Festival also serves as an on-site audition where member company dancers are seen by a plethora of college and professional training program recruiters. Dancers and company directors network with professionals in the areas of dance education and choreography, sports medicine, and more.

For over 60 years, RDA has nurtured and provided opportunities for emerging and seasoned choreographers. RDA highlights budding new talent during Emerging Choreographer Showcases, and it awards choreographers who present the most outstanding works at the festivals. Choreographers and dancers alike can receive scholarships to RDA’s annual National Choreography Intensive.

Outstanding Soloists

The newest addition to the annual Adjudication is the RDA Outstanding Soloist Program! We look forward to 2021, as we continue working to enrich this amazing program that furthers the development and growth of young RDA dancers by creating new discovery opportunities at each festival through solo performances.

2021 Regional Festivals

Regional Dance America/Southeast
April 22 – 24
Montgomery, AL
Adjudicator: Carol Anglin

Regional Dance America/Southwest
April 22 – 24
Corpus Christi, TX
Adjudicator: Lori Bodine

Regional Dance America/MidStates
April 29 – May 1
Skokie (Chicago), IL
Adjudicator: Armando Luna

Regional Dance America/Northeast 
May 20 – 22
Dayton, OH
Adjudicator: Leigh-Ann Cohen-Hafford

More information about our 2021 Regional Festivals coming soon!

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RDA connects you to an ESSENTIAL NETWORK of thousands of dancers, parents, artistic directors, executive directors, dance faculty members, choreographers, and musicians from across the US. RDA offers year-round connection with these individuals through virtual and on-site opportunities such as master classes, seminars, direct email, social media outreach, performances, and networking events. Get involved, support our programs, and reach our audience and beyond!


RDA offers ACCESS to thousands of highly trained, extremely dedicated pre-professional dancers who are eager to explore training opportunities. REACH these talented artists and provide offers to participate in your summer, winter, college, or university program through RDA’s robust online scholarship and recruitment process with on-site Festival follow-up. Join a virtual roundtable, offer scholarships… get involved!

Festivals are the heart and soul of RDA. EXPERIENCE one of the greatest highlights of RDA membership by attending a Festival as a guest before your company evaluates for membership.

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