Help us Host RDA’s 60th National Choreography Intensive at your studio!

Play a crucial role in our annual intensive and provide a one-of-a-kind experience for your dancers to study in a variety of dance styles and train with diverse choreographers over three summer weekends.

Bring the 2021 RDA National Choreography Intensive (NCI) to your studio by applying to become an NCI Hosted Location. Hosting the NCI at your studio opens doors for your dancers:

  • Your dancers receive first-hand professional company training experience,
  • The assurance and support of dancing in a familiar studio space,
  • Training in many genres of dance through live, streamed classes with dancers across the country, and
  • The opportunity to work with new, diverse choreographers each day.

A world-renowned faculty of artists lead the NCI, bringing your students a world-class program in the most intimate and familiar setting, your studio. The NCI provides your dancers tremendous opportunity for artistic growth and expression. Network with the incredible teaching faculty of the NCI, and broaden your studio’s summer programming with this unparalleled weekend experience.

Complete the online application to get your studio involved!
Application deadline is May 4, 2021.

RDA NCI 2021

Weekend 1
Friday, June 18 – Sunday, June 20

Weekend 2
Friday, July 9 – Sunday, July 11

Weekend 3
Friday, July 30 – Sunday, August 1

Photo: Abigail Photos | In-studio with Roswell Dance Theatre

CLICK HERE and Review RDA NCI 2021 Host FAQs

Q: What does my studio need to have accessible as an NCI Hosted Location?
A: Reliable internet, Zoom access (television or projector screen, preferred), social distancing protocol that follows state and local guidelines, open studio space that can safely house participating dancers, and an adult available on-site at all times.


Q: My studio is not affiliated with Regional Dance America; can I still apply to be an NCI Hosted Location?
A: Yes! We encourage your studio to apply! Taking this question one step further, there is typically an application process for Non-RDA dancers to seek acceptance into the NCI. If your studio applies and is accepted to be an NCI Hosted Location, your dancers will be automatically accepted into the NCI without needing to first complete our typical online application.


Q: Can my studio apply to be an NCI Hosted Location if it is only available on select times, days, or weekends?
A: Yes. The online application will ask for your studio’s availability. RDA will work with each NCI Hosted Location to communicate with participants the exact times each studio space is accessible.


Q: How many studios do I need to have, or how large does my studio space(s) need to be?
A: We suggest having at least one studio space available that is large enough to accommodate multiple participating dancers with safe social distancing protocols in place.


Q: I may have more interested dancers than I have space available. Should my studio still apply to be an NCI Hosted Location?
A: Yes! Dancers always have the opportunity to participate in the 2021 NCI fully virtually from their home dancing space.


Q: Can I host dancers from other local studios to participate in the 2021 NCI from my NCI Hosted Location?
A: Yes. If sharing your space with dancers from outside of (but local to) your studio is accessible and safe, they may certainly participate at your NCI Hosted Location.


Q: What is the tuition price for my dancers to participate in the 2021 NCI?
A: RDA Dancer Tuition is $499. Non-RDA Dancer Tuition is $549.


Q: Will I have to handle dancer registration as an NCI Hosted Location?
A: No way! RDA handles all dancer registrations and payments directly. Each NCI Hosted Location will receive frequent communications with registration updates.


Q: How does RDA prioritize on-site space through the registration process?
A: Preference for on-site space is given to dancers who regularly attend classes at the NCI Hosted Location, and additional space will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis (space-permitting).


Q: Will I have to host any faculty or choreographers on-site at my NCI Hosted Location?
A: No. All classes and choreography sessions will occur virtually, with your dancers dancing on-site to live, streamed sessions with faculty and choreographers from diverse areas. We encourage each NCI Hosted Location to take advantage of the nation-wide network of dance educators RDA offers. We’d be more than happy to connect you with these artist educators for future opportunities at your studio.


Q: Do I have the ability to schedule an on-site class with an on-site teacher before or after the scheduled NCI class times?
A: Yes. If you are looking to include a class taught by a local teacher, you may certainly schedule and handle all logistics for such a class.

Become a 2021 NCI Hosted Location!

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