Mission and Vision

Regional Dance America’s mission is to advance and foster the growth and education of dancers, choreographers, directors and dance companies in every community across the United States and Canada.  RDA provides a national identity and support for it five regional associations; MidStates, Northeast, Pacific, Southeast and Southwest.  Development of member companies is further promoted through regional and national festivals by affirming standards of appraisal, evaluation and performance to which all members are held.


We envision a future in which quality dance is an important part of the rich and diverse culture available to all individuals in every community across the
United States and Canada. The pre-professional dance company will be at the core of this future; reaching communities and populations that may not be served by larger, professional companies. These companies will claim national and international recognition for the standards to which they are held. Young
dancers regardless of geographic boundaries will have access to quality dance performance and training opportunities; choreographers will thrive in
ng settings with all resources necessary to grow and develop into regional, national and international stature. Regional Dance America will be the national identity for member companies, unifying the five regional associations.

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