Outstanding Soloist

Regional Dance America’s Outstanding Soloist

program strives to further the development and growth of young RDA dancers by creating new discovery opportunities through solo performances.

The RDA Outstanding Soloist program is an educational opportunity for dancers to receive personalized, constructive feedback on a solo performance from RDA’s world-class adjudicators. The program seeks to cultivate excellence and nurture the artists of tomorrow! Additionally, selected Outstanding Soloists in each Region will gain one-of-a-kind exposure by performing their solos at the Regional Festivals.

The 2024 RDA National Festival will showcase the selected Outstanding Soloists in an exclusive performance in front of peers, faculty members, directors, scholarship donors, and recruiters from across the country.

Over 400 dancers have worked with RDA’s professional Adjudicators through the Outstanding Soloist Program. Each dancer receives one-on-one coaching and feedback during their Company’s Adjudication. Additional in-depth written feedback is provided to elevate each dancer’s performance. Selected dancers received the opportunity to perform their solos at their RDA Regional Festivals. This national program has RDA’s signature intimate approach. One-on-one coaching can have a transformative effect on dancers’ futures!

2023 RDA Outstanding Soloists

Senior Division

Junior Division

Program features include:

  • Soloists present in either Junior (age 12-14) or Senior (15+) category
  • Solo performance in front of Adjudicator
  • Personal feedback during the Adjudication process
  • Individualized written assessment
  • Adjudicators will select Junior, Senior Classical, and Senior Contemporary solos to be performed at the Festival, and these soloists will be named the RDA Region’s Outstanding Soloists
  • All Outstanding Soloist applicants will have the opportunity to participate in the Outstanding Soloist Honors Class at the Festival

Solo guidelines:

  • Classical or contemporary solo
  • 2.5 minute time length
  • Classical variations, music, and choreography, or original works in any genre
  • Registration fee, per submission

Company Directors:

Every RDA Member Company has the opportunity to submit up to five solos for consideration. Dancers gain experience, constructive feedback from esteemed Adjudicators, and the opportunity to singularly represent your company on a national platform!

Dispersed between years of Region Festivals, RDA National Festivals traverse the country to fulfill dancers’ passion and audiences’ appreciation for the art of dance throughout the United States.
April 24 – 27, 2024
At the Ocean Center, Peabody Auditorium & Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort

2022 RDA Outstanding Soloists

Senior Division

Junior Division

2021 RDA Outstanding Soloists

Senior Division

Corabelle Kennedy
Heartland Youth Ballet | MS

Ana Velazquez
Dance Wisconsin | MS

Sophia Hancock
Southern New Hampshire Youth Ballet | NE

Makenna Baker
South Dayton Dance Theatre | NE

Ailcy McGill
Appalachian Ballet Company | SE

Camilla Ohme
Alabama Dance Theatre | SE

Gabrielle Mock
BalletForte | SW

Lauren Fiddes
Chamberlain Ballet | SW

Junior Division

Madison Brown
DanceWest Ballet | MS

Gabby Morvatz
Dayton Dance Conservatory Company | NE

Cate Daly
Atlanta Dance Theatre | SE

Natalie Green
City Ballet of Houston | SW

2020 RDA Outstanding Soloists

Senior Division

Isabella Gaspero
DanceWest Ballet | MS

Marisa Pace
FM Ballet | MS

Hannah Cherry
Philadelphia Dance Theatre | NE

Madalynn Hoy
South Dayton Dance Theatre | NE

Abbie Siebert
Ballet Virginia | SE

Brooke Thompson
Roswell Dance Theatre | SE

Katherine Patterson
Chamberlain Ballet | SW

Audrey McDonald
Louisiana Delta Ballet | SW

Junior Division

Lucy Shultz
DanceWest Ballet | MS

Mia Ignacio
Canton Ballet | NE

Marina Strong
Dayton Dance Conservatory Company | NE

Emma Donnenwerth
Roswell Dance Theatre | SE

Julianna Perez
Corpus Christi Ballet | SW

2019 RDA Outstanding Soloists

Julia Tegtmeier
Delaware Ballet | NE

Rachel Dean
High Point Ballet | SE

Delaney Hart
City Ballet of Houston | SW

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